Mission Statement

INSIGNO is a professional Catholic video platform for young people. Open, tolerant and critical, INSIGNO takes up life issues that move people. Contrary to a classic consumption-oriented media mainstream, INSIGNO as a non-profit organization is not profit-oriented. Our gain is the happiness of young people.

INSIGNO takes the concerns of young people seriously and shows a church on the move. Teenagers yearn more than ever for meaning in their lives. INSIGNO gives answers to the big questions of life: where do I go? Why am I there? What is my mission? Loyal to the Church and critical of a disoriented world, we are forcing an open dialogue with the challenges of the 21st century. At the same time, we show how the Christian faith can give young people a goal, support and orientation today.

As a Catholic video platform, INSIGNO is also open to the Christian content of other denominations. INSIGNO is rooted in the values ​​of the Catholic Church and works in solidarity with the popes. Above all, the platform is motivated by the three last popes: By Pope John Paul II, who has established a new media understanding. By Pope Benedict XVI, who has significantly influenced the Church since the Second Vatican Council. And through Pope Francis, who wants to approach people in a missionary way and to realize their needs.

who we are

As a Catholic video platform, INSIGNO links new clergy movements, Catholic institutions and diocesan institutions in order to build a common media network.


The name INSIGNO refers to a dream of Emperor Constantine in 312, who prophesied his victory over his rival Maxentius. He saw in his dream a cross of light over the sun with the words "En touto nika", translated in Latin with "in hoc signo vinces".

With the conversion of Emperor Constantine began an explosive and rapid spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Under one of his successors, Theodosius, Christianity became a Roman state religion in the 4th century.